Up The Creek Boat Rental FAQs

What do I need?

All you need upon arrival is a credit card to put on file, an able body, and a great attitude!

How much gas will I have?

For a half day you are given 3 gallons of gas and on a full day you are given 6 gallons. For and additional price you can opt to have 6 gallons for the half day.

Where do I go? I am new to the area

Depending on what you want to do out on the water our employees know the area well and can direct you right where you want to be! We will have a blown up map of our area where we can direct you easily.

Do I need a Boaters Licence?

We currently have 3 boats with 6HP engines and 1 boat with a 20HP engine. The 6HP engine boats you do not need a boaters license. A boaters license is required for the 20HP boat and must be provided upon arrival..

Free online course for Virginia boaters license

How long can I rent the boat for?

We rent the boats from 8am-5pm. The first half day will leave at 8am and return by 12pm. The second half day will leave at 1pm and return by 5pm. The full day is from 8a to 5pm.

If I want to go fishing will you have everything I need?

All of our boats will have a fishing licence on the boat. Fishing rods are available for rent. Other fishing items are available for sale such as blood worms, peelers, and shrimp for bait as well as hooks, bottom rigs, sinkers, and fishing line. We will have Ice for your cooler.